Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015.

It just hit me a couple hours ago that it's 2015. It doesn't really feel like it though. While it seems as if everyone is excited and hopeful 2015, I feel indifferent. Maybe I'm still taking in 2014... Maybe I don't want a new year to start... I don't really know.

I do know that 2014's been quite a roller coaster year. A bunch of highs and a few lows have contributed to a year of great personal growth and discovery.

I'm not going to go into detail about everything, but here are some of the biggest events of 2014 for me.

Notable events for me in 2014:

1. I finished college.

It was a great 3 years. It wasn't pretty, and now that I've had some time to reflect on my experience, there are some things that I would have done differently or wish I've done. This doesn't mean that I wish I had stayed a full 4 years; I think if I went back and did things over, I still would have tried to graduate in 3. I think I would have tried harder in some important classes. Cramming for finals, passing my classes, then forgetting everything later on pisses me off cause it's such a waste of time, and I did a lot of that. I think I would have tried to develop my relationships/network better. I kind of put all that on the backburner with all the school work and extracurricular stuff I did. Oh well. Nevertheless, I had a great 3 years.

2. I travelled.

I lived in the Bay Area for 3 months. I spent a month in Asia (Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan), a week on the East Coast (NYC, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.), and quite a bit of time in the wild (Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, San Jacinto State Park, Saguaro National Park, Petrified Forest National Park). I ate a lot, walked a lot, saw how many different people lived their lives, and got to think to myself a lot. I learned a lot about me and the world I live in.

3. I signed my first full-time job offer.

I'm very fortunate to be in a field where my skills are in demand, so I was never really worried about getting a job. I did an internship in the summer and got a job offer immediately after. This really stressed me out because by signing, I would be committing to something for the next couple of years (Of course, that doesn't have to be the case, but I don't wanna waste anyone's time). I had many sleepless nights thinking about what I really wanted to do. In the end, I accepted the offer. To be honest, I still don't really know what I want to do, but I'm really content working here, so I'll continue thinking about what I want to do while earning a decent income and learning on the job.

4. I paid off my loans.

Back in the day, I took out some loans for college. I didn't realize how high these interest rates were, so I immediately paid them off when I saw the amount of interest I accumulated. The loans were used in my first year of college, my parents paid my second year, and I paid half my last year of college. I'm grateful that my parents were able to support a good portion of my college tuition and that I had good paying summer jobs.

5. I feel freeeeeeeeeee....

Once I graduated and signed my offer, I felt free. I had no more deadlines, no obligations, nothing I had to do, and I was free to do whatever I wanted. I still have at least a month of this time left. I used this time to travel, work on my own project, think, play guitar, and read. Someone said that my hair grew darker. hahaha

I didn't really mention the bad, primarily because there weren't that many extremely bad things that happened. And even the extremely bad things aren't really that bad in retrospect. If my life were some continuous function, the bad experiences were just local maxima. 20 years from now, they won't really matter.

2014 was a year of great personal growth and transition. I pretty much transitioned into adulthood (legal age, graduation, job). With all the free time I had, I was able to self-reflect. As a result, I think I'm more grateful for everything I have and have a better understanding of me and the world around me.

There's still so much to learn and quite a few things I want to do. If 2014 was about identifying, understanding, and learning, I hope 2015 will be the year of doing.

Hmmmm... I'm excited now.

Happy New Year.