Hello World!

Hi. So I finished school in June, and I'm purposely not starting work until sometime in 2015. I'm pretty much taking a gap year (or gap half-a-year) to pursue my own projects, travel a little bit, and focus on things that I have been wanting to do but haven't dedicated so much time to doing.

Writing is one of those things. I'm not great at it, but I'd like to become better at it because I love sharing my knowledge, and writing just so happens to be a great tool for that.

So hopefully, I can write somewhat often (let's say at least once a week, 4 posts a month) and make this a habit.

I'll be writing about a wide variety of topics, primarily things that I read and learn about or things I observe and think about. The former is primarily tech and science related, while the latter is primarily human nature and probably topics that stem from fundamental, philosophical questions.

I'll also be using my site to showcase some projects I work on or some things I create (food, art, etc). Hopefully, someone will find something useful here, as I document my thoughts and learnings and try to improve my writing.