Some Goals for 2015

2014-2015 has been a period of transition for me. In the coming weeks/months, I'm going to move to Northern California to start working. Many of my friends are also going to be graduating and moving away to pursue their careers.

I'm not quite sure what to expect, but I know that I want to enjoy myself and make the most of the year. So, I'm going to set some goals for myself to ensure that I have a good memory of 2015 and if not, an improved me by the end of the year.

First, I'd like to document each day of this year. I'll be doing this through a journal app called Rove, which is available for Android and iOS. At the end of the year, hopefully I'll be able to create a nice montage of my year. I fear that many of my days will be routine and too boring to document, so this will motivate me to find something memorable out of everyday. If I go out more often, that'd be cool. If I start to be more aware and appreciative of the small, seemingly insignificant things in life, that'd be cool too.

I hope to spend at least 30 minutes a day reading, so if I read one page a minute[1], I hope to finish a book every 2 weeks. That means at least 26 books a year. Mark Zuckerberg is getting into reading too. I don't intend to follow his book club, as I've already created a list of books to read.

I'd also like to get better at guitar and singing. This is so hard for me... I always miss my goals, but for a goal's sake, I hope to record at least 4 covers (with my singing and playing guitar) this year. That is going to be a challenge, considering I told my friend in November that I'm going to have one finished by Mid-January. Uh oh....

Lastly, I'd like to start working on something means a lot not only to me, but to other people too. I'm not sure what this is exactly, but this could be mentoring, volunteering, or creating something. I'll know when I do it.

I think these are all doable goals and represent a healthy balance of activities. I'm maximizing the experience of each day, expanding my knowledge and worldview, squeezing those creative juices, and making others or my community happier.

I'm excited.

Let's see how I do...

[1] I'm a slow reader. I just took a reading test, and it said I have the pace of an 8th grader. LOL. WTF.