Hello World!


Thanks for stumbling upon my blog. The last time I blogged was probably a solid 5 years ago, so it's definitely been a while. The content was insignificant back then, so you can probably expect the same. Jkjk… I hope not.

The inspiration for me to suddenly start blogging again is that I've been keeping a trello around where I write my thoughts/learnings about some cool articles I stumble upon and want to save for later. These articles are usually around tech and the software industry in general. I figured that I should publish this somewhere in the off-chance that it helps a random person.

In addition, I often find some super inspiring, thought-provoking content. So this blog is kind of like a public storage mechanism for me and a curated collection of thoughts and thought-provoking content I find.

You'll generally find stuff centered around these categories:

  1. Web Technologies
  2. Tech Strategy (Probably from Ben Thompson's Stratechery or Benedict Evan's Newsletter)
  3. Human Nature/Behavior
  4. Things I'm currently making (artwork or side projects)

Hope ya stick around!