LinkedIn Feed/Homepage Maintainence

Starting mid 2015, LinkedIn embarked on an ambitious project to rewrite a good portion of their consumer experiences. The previous Mobile experience relied a bit on webviews backed by a nodejs service, so the Android and iOS apps were both rewritten in the platform native languages: Swift and Java. There was also not a good mobile-web application, so a mobile-web Ember.js application was also written.

On a team of 3 Frontend developers for Feed, 2 worked on this new mobile-web experience, while I handled maintaining the desktop LinkedIn feed experience. Many bugs were fixed and quite a few new features were added (video, mentions, accessibility improvements, new updates, onboarding experiences, etc.).

This was a great experience for me because I had to work with a bunch of different technologies (deployment tools, scala, js, selenium) and play a few different roles (devops, backend dev, frontend dev, test engineer). During this time, I was probably oncall at least a week every month.

For about a week in 2015, I was also the only developer working on the LinkedIn homepage.