New Desktop LinkedIn Feed w/ Ember.js

After the launch of the native/mobile web applications, we had to build the desktop experience on Ember.js. Prior to this, every LinkedIn product was its own separate project. Some were server-side rendered, some used Backbone-Marionette, some used a custom built JS framework. Now, all LinkedIn consumer products were to be within the same Ember.js application, served as a single page app.

Since we had a mobile-web application, the strategy was to “extend” this for the desktop application. Desktop would ideally be mobile-web + left/right sidebars. In practice, this was a bit more challenging, as desktop had additional interactions (e.g. hover states) and preferred inline experiences rather than new views (e.g. open a modal rather than get taken to a new page) that would occur on mobile-web. I also worked a little bit on the APi, which was a nice Java 8 Play app that powered our new native mobile apps.

A couple of interesting things I built:

  • Left hand bar / identity module
  • Hovercards for companies/profiles across the app